Project Description

Script : Amjad Shashai
Idea : Yasmeen Gamal
Inspiration : Banshee by KOGO
Motion & Mixing : Amjad Shashai

This artwork took more than 200 hours .. using Au, Fl studio, Ae, Pr, Ai, Ps, and so and so.
Character design, rigging and animation and all the contents in this video are created with love by my own hands … just to push you to get going – SO GET GOING … Amjad Shashai
The character that appeared in this work is not fictitious. Any resemblance to you as real persons, living or dead, is purely intentional !

الشخصية التي ظهرت بهذا العمل غير خيالية ، وأي تشابه بينها وبينكم كأشخاص حقيقيين ، أحياء أو ميتين ، لهو مقصود ببساطة !

أمجد الشعشاعي
Amjad Shashai